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Prime Jet’s aircraft management team offers a full range of inclusive services — from operations and dispatch to scheduled maintenance and flight crewing — designed to maximize your jet’s value. Management agreements are created to enhance revenue streams and defer aircraft ownership costs while always striving to meet an owner’s stated goals and expectations.

As a white-glove management company, Prime Jet takes an individualistic approach to each owner relationship to provide the personal attention they deserve. Every member of the Prime Jet team is a problem solver, fully engaged and committed to making aircraft ownership and private flight service profitable, convenient, and stress-free.

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Aircraft Management Made Easy

The complexities of aircraft ownership fade into the horizon with Prime Jet’s customized management approach. From arranging private flight service to conducting safety inspections, we’ve got the day-to-day operations of your aircraft covered on the ground and in the air.

Full-service management that includes: operations, dispatch, crewing, training, maintenance, fuel purchasing, aftermarket support, and insurance.

Honest and open communication between our management team and aircraft owners fosters relationships built on trust and respect.

Reduced maintenance labor rates at facilities located at Teterboro, Van Nuys, Centennial, and Opa Locka airports and access to Prime Jet’s industry network for discounts on fuel and insurance.

Flexible owner-designed management options, including Part 135 High Charter Utilization, Part 91 Management, or a combination of the two.

Enjoy the benefits of owning a private jet without the hassle. Contact our team to start the process.

International Flight Management

Prime Jet’s management team has the international travel experience necessary to help owners navigate the hurdles associated with scheduling private flight service overseas. Aviation regulations vary between nations, making familiarity with country-specific policies and restrictions essential to successful global operations. Our team has worked with numerous foreign regulatory agencies and understands what it takes to incorporate their restrictions into our operational procedures.

Prime Jet does not outsource the management of our aircraft to third-party contractors to facilitate international trips. We handle all international travel internally, eliminating the type of mistakes that delay travel and keep you off schedule. The management of your aircraft is never delegated to a third party, so you can feel confident knowing your investment always remains in our trusted hands.

International Aircraft Management Services

As an industry leader in private flight service management, Prime Jet has the expertise you can count on when traveling around the globe.

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    Internal handling of all international travel without the assistance of third parties provides significant savings to customers.
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    Detailed understanding of foreign operating regulations concerning aircraft charter management, including flight regulations, hangaring, and customs requirements.
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    Secure handling of private client information facilitates fast procurement of special permits and visas, minimizing the risk of any potential travel delays.
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    Established relationships with overseas vendors, maintenance and flight crews, hangaring facilities, spares providers, and governmental agencies.

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Protect Your Clock

Prime Jet’s global team of logistics experts work around the clock, 24 hours a day and 365 days per year to save you time. We recognize that time is an important asset you can’t get back. We worry about the small details so you don’t have to and ensure you can enjoy the enormous time savings benefits of private aviation.

Protect Your Stock

We treat your investment with the highest level of care and consideration. With expert management, thorough maintenance, and optimal charter utilization, our team creates an ideal environment for you to receive the best return possible.

Protect Your Flock

Prime Jet continues to hold the highest safety standards attainable to the industry and participates in voluntary programs designed to always learn,  identify and mitigate hazards. Safety is in our culture, endorsed from our CEO down to every employee.  The safety of our crew and passengers remains paramount to everything we do.

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