Kick Back, Relax, and Let Us Handle the Rest

Prime Jet’s private jet charter services make it convenient to travel anywhere in the world in comfort and style.

Whether an executive traveling for business, a sports team heading out on a road trip, or an influencer taking a vacation to a fabulous destination, our luxury private jet service allows you to travel without the limitations of fixed routes, airport traffic, or unwanted delays.

Our team of experienced luxury jet charter experts will take care of every aspect of your flight so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Leave when you want. Arrive where you want. That’s the Prime Jet Difference.

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In-Flight Experience

A luxury flight is defined by the exceptional amenities and service received throughout your journey.

Cabin Hosts
Cabin hosts act as your personal hospitality managers, arranging every detail of your flight so that specific requests are met and every detail is perfect while remaining discreet and professional.

Dining and Refreshments
Our fleet of luxury aircraft all come equipped with a full bar that includes spirits, wine, sodas, and any beverage of your choice, along with dry snacks and candies.
We offer meal service based on your preferences, happily accommodating any food preferences or allergies. Our hosts can arrange for the delivery of professional catering to the aircraft, or they can prepare lighter food options while in flight.

When you fly Prime Jet, our team on the ground and in the air will work tirelessly to keep you safe while ensuring your trip is carefree and relaxing. That’s the Prime Jet Experience.

Private Jet
Charter for Business

Private jet charter services offer entrepreneurs and executives the professional travel experience they deserve. With a private jet charter, your C-suite members can avoid the long lines, security checkpoints, and delays that often accompany commercial airline travel.

The privacy and luxury afforded by private jet travel also provide a secure and comfortable environment for conducting business meetings and negotiations while in flight.

Whether flying from coast to coast or between continents, the Prime Jet team will ensure that the journey places you on the path toward success.

Private Jet Charter

Travel in luxury and style when chartering a private jet for your next trip, vacation, or getaway. Our private charters offer a luxurious and customizable travel experience for individuals, groups of friends, or the entire family.

Our luxury amenities include spacious private cabins, gourmet meals paired with exceptional wines and spirits, discreet and professional in-flight service, and customizable entertainment options.

Whether taking a short weekend trip or hopping between multiple destinations, we offer a stress and hassle-free travel experience that redefines luxury to keep you returning for more.

We Take Care of Every Detail to Your Satisfaction

When it comes to private jet charter services, you have no shortage of options. With thousands of aircraft and airports globally, how do you choose the best solutions for your journey? That’s where we can help. At Prime Jet, we make scheduling and planning a charter flight simple and convenient.

Travel in Style

Help us better understand your needs by letting us know the purpose of your trip. Whether personal or business, knowing the purpose will help us recommend the best route, schedule, and airport destination for your flight.

Aircraft Selection

Based on the details of your trip, we will help identify the perfect aircraft to meet your travel needs. From the size of your party to the end destination, our experts will determine which aircraft to recommend and schedule according to your decision.

Luxury Amenities

We strive to make every luxury jet charter an unforgettable experience where the trip is just as enjoyable as the destination. Our team will work hard to ensure every detail of your travel experience lives up to the word luxury.

Expert Management

Our luxury jet charter team will manage and monitor every aspect of your flight. All clients receive the full attention of our account managers to act as your personal points of contact. We handle every detail, including permits, flight plan filing, visa acquisition, and more.

We Adapt to Your Schedule

Chartering a luxury private jet offers the convenience of not worrying about departure times. We meet the demands of your schedule by staying adaptable so you can change your itinerary whenever required. Whether you need to maintain a tight schedule or leisurely make your way through the day, we offer the peace of mind of knowing your flight will leave when you’re ready.


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