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Purchasing a private aircraft is an expensive and time-intensive process that requires detailed knowledge of the private jet marketplace. Prime Jet’s experienced aircraft sales and acquisitions team will provide the support and guidance necessary to navigate that process so you can make an informed decision on acquiring the right aircraft to meet your personal and financial goals.

From maintenance inspections to negotiating a final price, we remain with you throughout the entirety of buying a private jet so you get the best deal possible.

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When you partner with Prime Jet, no detail in the purchase process is overlooked or left to chance. Our team is skilled in the areas that matter most to aircraft owners, and their expertise covers the wide range of issues that arise when buying a private jet. We provide:

Impartial aircraft analysis enables you to determine the right aircraft to meet your intended usage and revenue goals.

Complete negotiations on aircraft purchase contracts, aftermarket warranty programs, spare parts purchases, and engine insurance programs.

Support throughout the pre-purchase process, including auditing logbook accuracy, analysis of maintenance records, and completing FAA regulatory documents.

Guidance on and interpretation of complex FAA regulations regarding the operation of your aircraft.

Cost analysis and market research to determine charter marketability and operating costs in both domestic and international markets.

Transparent communication between owner and operator in developing management strategies that ensure aircraft profitability.

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