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Let the complexities innate to aircraft ownership fade with Prime Jet’s seamless full-service management. Our 24/7 team of logistics experts stay up at night, so you don’t have to. Each aircraft agreement is uniquely crafted with the owner’s goals in mind, so we can give you back your time.

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We promise to protect your investment like it’s our own. Plan for more money and less stress with access to purchasing power, maintenance planning, high charter utilization, and more. Simply put, we’ve got your back.

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Looking for honest, transparent people you can trust? People who do what they say they’ll do, no surprises? Look no further. Since inception, Prime Jet remains accident free and holds the highest safety ratings in the industry, ARG/US Platinum, Wyvern Wingman, and FAA SMS V. Integrity remains at the forefront of what we do.

Industry Experts

Prime Jet’s Management Services are broad and inclusive, ranging from operations and dispatch to maintenance management and crewing. Each and every Prime Jet team member is a problem solver – experts in their own right – contributing to each aspect of our distinct management spectrum.


Celebrated as a “Boutique” Management Company, Prime Jet recognizes each owner relationship as unique, requiring individualized personal attention. Every aircraft agreement is crafted with the goals of the owner in mind, created to enhance overall revenue streams and defer the cost of aircraft ownership. Prime Jet places a high value on the owner/management relationship. Our Company reputation and longevity depend on this connection. It is never taken for granted.

Additional Aircraft Management Offers

The complexities innate to aircraft ownership fade with Prime Jet’s comprehensive Management Approach.

Seamless full service management including: operations, dispatch, crewing, training, maintenance, aftermarket support, fuel purchasing, and insurance.

Clear, honest, trustworthy management practices, fostering open communication between owner and management team.

Reduced Maintenance Labor Rates at facilities located in TEB, VNY, APA, and WSSL.

Flexible Owner Designed Management Options – Part 135 High Charter Utilization, Part 91 Management or a combination of the two.

Revenue Expansion utilizing Prime Jet’s expansive industry connections for fuel and insurance discounts.

International Management

Collectively, the Prime Jet Management Team has experience flying to virtually every country around the world. 


As aviation regulations differ from country to country, familiarity of country-specific policies and restrictions is crucial to the success of global operations. Our Management Team has worked with numerous foreign regulatory agencies incorporating their restrictions into our operational parameters. Proving both expeditious and cost effective, Prime Jet does not use third party outside handlers to manage international trips. All handling is managed internally, virtually eliminating costly mistakes that may occur with a third party.

Additional International Aircraft Management Offers​

During the course of years as the world leader in Worldwide Charter Management, Prime Jet has acquired a wealth of International Management Experience.

Broad International Trip Experience including Part 135 and Part 91 Management allowing crew to function in an efficient and economical manner.

Concrete knowledge base of foreign operating regulations governing all aspects of Aircraft Charter Management, including over flight regulations, hangaring, and customs requirements.

An established professional relationship with overseas vendors, including maintenance / hangaring facilities, spares providers, and governmental agencies.

Internal International handling, with no third party involvement, providing substantial savings to customers and larger revenues to owners.

Increased client confidentiality and control of information with internal handling, allowing for ease in obtaining special permits and visas, minimizing potential delays for customers.

Complex International Operating Costs are relayed to owners in a clear, concise, honest reporting method, with no hidden fees.

International Maintenance and Crew Solutions

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