Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Carbon Offsets


Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions Produced by SAF


Airline Industry Pledges to be Carbon Neutral by 2050

Moving Towards a Greener Future for Air Travel

The aviation industry as a whole contributes 5% of all total CO2 emissions. The private aviation industry contributes just 2% of that total.

The aviation industry continues to embrace the use of new tools and technologies to help offset the environmental impact of air travel. Sustainable aviation fuel and carbon credits work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make aircraft more efficient. The industry has also invested heavily in alternative fuel sources like hydrogen and batteries capable of powering electric aircraft. By remaining focused on reducing the carbon footprint of air travel, the future of flying will begin to look a lot greener.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

The use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while improving aircraft efficiency. SAF offers a clean alternative to fossil fuel and is made from a combination of agriculture byproducts, algae, and waste oil. SAF emits at least 75% to 90% less GHG than traditional jet fuel while eliminating the emission of components such as sulfur by 90% to 100%.

100% Carbon Neutral Charter Flights

By partnering with 4AIR, Prime Jet has taken the steps necessary to become 100% carbon neutral on our charter flights. Carbon neutrality requires purchasing carbon offsets that counter existing emissions by investing in projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gases from the environment. With targeted investment and the use of cleaner, more efficient fuels, the private aviation industry continues to move towards a greener future.

Intelligent Aircraft Design

Our fleet of Gulfstream jets was built using a clean-wing design that improves the aircraft’s aerodynamic efficiency to reduce fuel consumption and the carbon footprint of each flight. Efficient engine design works to reduce greenhouse gases, fuel consumption, and noise, which helps make our aircraft more community and eco-friendly. Prime Jet is also a proud member of the National Business Aviation Association and Van Nuys Airport Association, two organizations committed to lowering general aviation’s impact on emissions and noise.

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