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Prime Jet is your aviation expert for chartering, managing and purchasing a private jet. With over two decades in business and over a hundred thousand hours of operational experience, our team understands the logistical and financial requirements of private jet travel and ownership. We partner with clients to develop customizable solutions that go beyond what’s required to arrive at a new level of luxury travel. At Prime Jet, we believe time is money, safety is priceless, and there’s always a path to “yes.”

We Protect Your Clock, Stock and Flock

At Prime Jet, your time, investment, and safety always remain our top priorities when it comes to managing your aircraft.

Protect Your Clock

Prime Jet’s global team of logistics experts work around the clock, 24 hours a day and 365 days per year to save you time. We recognize that time is an important asset you can’t get back. We worry about the small details so you don’t have to and ensure you can enjoy the enormous time savings benefits of private aviation.

Protect Your Stock

We treat your investment with the highest level of care and consideration. With expert management, thorough maintenance, and optimal charter utilization, our team creates an ideal environment for you to receive the best return possible.

Protect Your Flock

Prime Jet continues to hold the highest safety standards attainable to the industry and participates in voluntary programs designed to always learn,  identify and mitigate hazards. Safety is in our culture, endorsed from our CEO down to every employee.  The safety of our crew and passengers remains paramount to everything we do.

About Prime Jet

Since our founding in 2002, Prime Jet has consistently operated one of the highest utilization and efficient fleets for our aircraft owners. We’ve built our relationships with clients on a foundation of trust and transparency and adhere to the highest standards of excellence in everything we do. When you partner with Prime Jet, you receive the full support of an experienced team of aviation experts dedicated to making each flight an unforgettable travel experience.

Prime Jet Team

At Prime Jet, we take great pride in our team’s dedication to the aviation industry, and collectively we possess over a hundred thousand hours of operational experience. We foster a culture guided by the core fundamentals of always doing what’s right and remaining accountable to clients for our actions. We strive to provide prime service and believe there is always a way to “yes”. Our team is a group of fun-loving individuals who take enormous pride in working in an industry they love and respect.

Client Testimonials

The true measure of a company isn’t what we say about ourselves but what our clients say about their experiences working with Prime Jet. With an unwavering commitment to integrity and honesty in every interaction with our clients, we developed an outstanding reputation with brokers and jet owners for delivering prime results and inventive solutions to whatever issues our clients face. We invite you to review firsthand what so many customers have to say about partnering with Prime Jet.

Private Jet Safety

A commitment to safety runs through everything we do at Prime Jet and is a culture that is endorsed at the top and embraced down to every employee. From conducting rigorous maintenance and safety inspections on the ground to running flight risk analysis tools for each flight we do, know that you’re in the best possible care when flying with us.

Since our founding, Prime Jet holds the industry’s highest safety rating. We meet and exceed all standards set by ARG/US Platinum and Wyvern Wingman Pro, and follow the FAA-recognized Safety Management System Voluntary Program to ensure that every flight is a safe one.

Environmental Sustainability

At Prime Jet, we believe in making every effort possible to reduce the environmental impact of air travel by making our charters cleaner and more efficient. Thanks to our sustainability partnership with 4Air, our charters are 100% carbon neutral as Prime Jet continues to follow the private aviation industry’s lead towards a greener future.

Prime Jet Careers

Are you passionate about a career in the aviation industry? Do you desire to work for a company that values its employees and treats them with the dignity they deserve? Are you a hard-working individual who’s serious about your job but enjoys having fun at work? If you’ve answered yes, we’d love to hear from you. Prime Jet is always looking to recruit new talent to our organization. Ready for your career to soar? Click the link below to review our current openings.

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