Setting a New Standard for Safety

Since our founding, Prime Jet has maintained the aviation industry’s highest safety ratings. Our commitment to protecting our passengers, clients, customers, and employees from potential risks is at the heart of everything we do. With the adoption of new technologies and rigorous safety standards, we do our part to ensure flying continues to be safer now than at any point in history.

Prime Jet helps lead the way for the private flight service industry by conducting rigorous maintenance and safety inspections and using flight risk analysis tools to proactively identify potential hazards. By holding ourselves to standards beyond what the FAA requires, we ensure that every flight reaches its destination safely.

We Take Safety to Another Level

At Prime Jet, we pride ourselves on our Safety program and our role in helping to keep the private flight service industry safe. We continuously update and improve our Safety Management System, and our customized software proactively highlights and addresses potential operational risks. Our voluntary participation in the industry’s most comprehensive best-practice programs demonstrates our absolute commitment to safety.

ARGUS Platinum Rating
ARGUS’ highest safety rating is only given to charter operators that successfully implement the industry’s best safety practices.

Wyvern Flight Leader
Prime Jet welcomes the additional scrutiny required to participate in Wyvern’s Flight Leader program, which further elevates the established standards of Wingman and Wingman Pro.

Wyvern Wingman & Wingman Pro
Prime Jet is certified as Wingman and Wingman Pro. This certification validates an organizational safety culture that utilizes the most advanced safety tools.

Years before it became a requirement, Prime Jet requested the FAA’s examination of our Safety Management System and received its highest certification — “SMS Fully Functional.” Our SMS goes beyond our flight operations. It has company-wide visibility and participation and is integral to our processes and procedures.

Aviation Safety Action Program
We partner with the Air Charter Safety Foundation to maintain a successful Aviation Safety Action Program that helps operators identify and eliminate potential flight concerns.

Prime Jet voluntarily maintains a Flight Operations Quality Assurance/Flight Data Monitoring program that seeks to improve aviation safety by proactively analyzing flight-recorded data.

Paying Big Attention to the Smallest Details

At Prime Jet, we go above and beyond the requirements. We ensure that every flight is safe, comfortable, and effective. Our rigorous safety standards take a holistic view of everything from aircraft maintenance and crew preparedness to scrutinizing the details of every trip we fly.

Detailed Maintenance & Safety Inspections

Every aircraft undergoes detailed maintenance and safety inspections before and after returning from every flight. Our jets must exceed all established benchmarks to be considered for flight.

Experienced Flight Crews

Prime Jet pilots are FAA-certified Airline Transport Pilots, and all of our crews are led by carefully selected Captains who have a significant breadth and depth of flying experience.

Flight Audits

Using our comprehensive safety checklists, we conduct a full audit of the aircraft, flight plan, and crew before every flight. If any aspect of the trip, the aircraft, or the crew fails to meet our standards, we employ risk mitigation to find solutions.

Raising Expectations to New Heights

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