Redefining the Prime Jet Experience

As private jet management experts, the team at Prime Jet intricately understands what it takes to give our clients prime service. Whether you require assistance managing your private jet, want to explore purchasing options, or are interested in chartering a private flight, we will find the ideal solution that guarantees total satisfaction.

Prime Jet specializes in services that include:

Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Management

Private Jet Acquisition

Private Jet
Charter Services

Prime Jet offers convenient private jet charter services that make the journey as enjoyable as the destination. Schedule your flight and begin boarding in as little as 2 hours. Avoid busy commercial airports, long security lines, and enjoy first-class accommodations with Prime Jet’s private charter. Chartering a flight with Prime Jet is as simple as making a phone call. We require no long-term contracts to schedule and will provide you with an exact quote for your flight.

Gulfstream Charter
Our fleet of luxury Gulfstream jets affords unparalleled convenience and comfort, additional privacy, and the flexibility to fly wherever you want on your schedule.

Managing a
Private Aircraft

Owning an aircraft can cause many unnecessary headaches. From finding qualified pilots and filing flight plans to scheduling routine maintenance and conducting safety inspections, operating a private jet demands a lot of time and attention. When you don’t want to deal with the hassle, you need an experienced partner to help navigate these ownership challenges so your investment remains protected.

At Prime Jet, our private jet services simplify ownership by expertly handling your aircraft’s logistical, mechanical, and financial management needs. We take care of all aspects of private jet chartering services and work with you to minimize costs and maximize revenues while ensuring your aircraft remains available on your schedule. When you partner with Prime Jet, we make owning a private jet an enjoyable, stress-free experience.

Buy a
Private Jet

Purchasing a private aircraft is a complicated process that requires expert guidance to ensure you get the best deal possible. Attempting to review maintenance records, conduct pre-buy inspections, and accurately assess the market value of an aircraft can lead to making expensive mistakes when done without a professional representing your interests. To make an informed decision, you need the assistance of industry experts to help guide your purchase from start to finish.

Our team possesses comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of the private jet industry. We can oversee and manage all maintenance and safety inspections, complete an operational cost analysis, and conduct thorough market research to determine the optimal price for the aircraft. With Prime Jet in your corner, a private jet purchase becomes an enjoyable experience that provides the highest return on investment.

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