Accumulating over 30 years of Commercial and Corporate Aviation experience, Cheryl Janke leads the Prime Jet Management Team with her broad-based aviation knowledge. Earning her A&P License from Rice Aviation in 1992, Janke began her career on the technical maintenance end of the industry spectrum. Traveling the world, Janke managed a diversified fleet of aircraft including Gulfstreams and a Boeing Business Jet. Janke’s skill set covers the range necessary to head a Worldwide Charter Management Company. At the helm of establishing a multitude of Part 135 charter companies, in addition to Prime Jet, Janke’s talents have been applied to the maintenance, accounting, regulatory, and owner relations spectrum of the business. She has considerable experience with Part 135 aircraft conformity, immense knowledge of the FARs, and is the founder of an innovative web-based company, Jet Repair Anywhere.