Bob earned a Private Pilot license while in college and spent many days after class flying friends around Colorado. During a 24-year career in the US Air Force, he was one of a very small percentage of pilots to be assigned to fly fighter jets as well as heavy transports and VIP jets. He participated in several combat deployments and was a lead instructor in the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training program, training fighter pilots for the NATO countries. Upon retiring from the Air Force, Bob transitioned to the private/charter sector of the aviation industry, where he has continued flying and offering his expertise in operations management. His 10,000 hours of jet pilot time includes over 4500 hours in Gulfstream private jets, and 1000+ hours each in the Learjet, C-141, T-38, and F-16. Bob is a NBAA Certified Safety Manager and leads the Prime Jet Safety program.