gulfstream v N101mx

Based in Van Nuys, CA (VNY)




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2 Rolls Royce BR710 A1-10 Engines, 15,385 lbs. of thrust each

Honeywell RE220 (GV) Auxiliary Power unit



Range 6,500 Nautical Miles,
13.8 hours of Endurance

Honeywell AFIS Management System

floor Plan

Have a look inside.


Feels like home.

FWD Crew Lavatory,
AFT PAX Lavatory

Full AFT Galley (Microwave, Hi Temp oven and Coffee Maker)

 16 seats 5-6 berths, Flexible Floor Plan Configuration For your Comfort.

Let’s go-go.

Complimentary Domestic Wi-Fi,
Go-Go Inflight.  Worldwide Wi-Fi available. 

Three 18-inch LCD monitors, Direct TV, 

Wireless LAN System
Dual Slot DVD Player

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