Gulfstream IV N18TD

For Charter: +1.303.792.2374

The Gulfstream IV was introduced in 1985 and the biggest differences from the GIII are FAR 36 Stage 3 compliant Rolls Royce Tay 611-8 engine, a four foot longer cabin, and 340 nautical miles extra range.

The GIV has a large cabin, long range of 4,350 nautical miles (8,060 km) and the same comfort and design that characterize the G series. Our Gulfstream IV is based out of Scottsdale, AZ.

General Information:

  • Updated Interior & Paint 2017
  • 13 Passenger
  • Sleeps 3 – 5
  • Complimentary Domestic WiFi, Go Go In flight

Aircraft General Specifications

  • Updated Interior & Paint 2017
  • 13 Passenger
  • Sleeps 3 – 5

Aircraft Technical Specifications

  • 120V Plug In

Aircraft Cabin Specifications

  • Hard Divided cabin
  • Aft Private Lavatory
  • Aft Full Service Galley – microwave, convection oven, coffee maker

Aircraft Entertainment Specifications

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi, Go-Go Inflight (Domestic)
  • Int’l Satellite Wi-Fi Available at Additional Cost (SBB)
  • Entertainment Media Server with Movies and Music Available On Board
  • Multiple Screens Througout, Mobile Screen Available
  • Smart Device Integration Available with Onboard Media

Sleeping Configuration (Sleeps 3)

Los Angeles
New York
Hong Kong
Rio De Janeiro

Range map

Johannesburg Rio De Janeiro Miami New York London Los Angeles Moscow Tokyo Hong Kong Singapore Dubai
Gulfstream IV