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As tried and true visionaries in the industry, Prime Jet’s Charter Department vows to never relinquish their “think outside the box” mentality. Founded on innovation and deeply grounded in experience, Prime Jet’s charter department and sales force runs deep. This diverse team brings an unparalleled expertise and strategy to the table each and every trip, leaving no room for unintended consequences during the course of a transaction.Whatever mission arises, Prime Jet analyzes and executes each step of a trip, assuring a seamless outcome, ensuring satisfaction for both aircraft owner and valued customer.

What We Offer

  • A Global Presence – offering world wide, 24/7, On Demand Charter Capability with a fleet of aircraft designed to meet mission requirements.
  • Razor-Sharp, Communicative team with years of experience managing complex, high demand trips in a worldwide environment.
  • Established professional alliances with industry experts, providing maximum cost savings to customer and owner.
  • Uncompromising levels of safety for Operations, Maintenance and Crew.

Our Aircraft

From Gulfstreams to Lear Jets, Prime Jet accommodates all travelers with their diverse fleet of jet aircraft. Offering light, medium, and heavy jet coverage, no trip is outside the parameters of Prime Jet’s lift capabilities. Prime Jet’s seasoned charter team specializes in merging aircraft type with customer and owner objectives.