Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Prime Jet Aircraft SalesPrime Jet’s qualified aircraft sales and acquisitions team provides the framework to support you with the multitude of decisions that come with acquiring an aircraft. Skilled in the areas that count most to aircraft owners, our veteran team’s breadth of expertise covers the spectrum of issues that arise with ownership. Prime Jet imparts honest, straightforward leadership in areas ranging from comparative aircraft analysis, price negotiations, and regulatory interpretation. No detail in the purchase continuum is left to chance.

What We Offer

  • Impartial aircraft analysis determining what aircraft type meets your intended usage and/or
    revenue goals.
  • Resolute negotiations of aircraft purchase contracts, aftermarket & warranty programs,
    spares purchasing, and engine insurance programs.
  • Expansive support throughout the pre-buy process, auditing accuracy of logbooks, FAA
    Regulatory Documents, as well as computerized maintenance tracking programs.
  • Ongoing open-door communication and information flow between owner and operator, fine
    tuning management strategies to ensure profitability.
  • Thorough cost analysis/ sales & marketing research, gauging charter marketability and
    operating costs in both the domestic and international markets.
  • Concrete guidance and interpretation of complex FAA regulations regarding the operation
    of your aircraft.
  • Aircraft Leasing Options